Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ain't it Nifty....Someone's Turning 50!!!

Yup...someone's turning 50...and it's not me lol! good friend Theresa is turning 50 in March, and wonderful person that she is...she's giving us a gift....a chance to win some blog candy!! Silly girl ...hasn't anyone told her that she's supposed to get the gift on her Birthday? Now what exactly is in this candy your asking yourself...well take a look....
And being the generous person that she's a list of what's she's offering:
3 Bunches of flowers
Assortment of Flatback Pearls ( my fav )
Assortment of Gems
Pearl Stems
Crystal Headpins
Glitter x 2
Craft Wire
Miniature stars
"Happy Birthday" Embossing board
Background Posy Stamp
Large buckle
Flower Soft wonderful is she? And since it's her big 50, she's not going to have just one winner....she's going to have 5!!! heard right...FIVE WINNERS!!

So how do you go about winning this wonderful birthday blog candy you ask yourself. Well it's so easy you just wouldn't believe it.

1) Become a member of her can find her here
2 ) While there, grab her birthday candy pic and add it to your side bar with a link back to her blog post and do a write up of the candy.
3) Leave her some love before you go...cause she loves reading them!

Now isn't that easy? So what are you waiting for? That's it...head on over and check it out!!!

Oh...and for those of you wondering how the winners will be picked....
A draw will be done, checked if all rules were followed , and then the winner will be posted on her blog on the morning of the 16th March 2011 , you will have 7 days to respond, if not, then another winner will be drawn !!
Good luck go!!

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