Thursday, October 14, 2010

Card Class

So I had my card class last night. It went really well considering I had only had about 5 hours sleep! lol It's really unfortunate that I do my best work late at night. But we had a great friend was really nice and brought some wine. And my own little Betty Crocker (my daughter Kat) made chocolate cookies and 2 different kinds of tarts (all of it from scratch). My friends asked if they could rent her out for Christmas. Of course I said no...otherwise we'll have no Christmas goodies! lol
I came up with 2 different cards for the night and the ladies really loved them. And they all did very well with making them. A few of them were even interested in the hopefully they'll check it out.  So if any of you are interested I have posted the new pics that I did below.


Guylou said...

Totally Awesome!!! I am so happy to read that it went well. The cards are beautiful; I am sure the ladies had a blast!!

Charlene said...

Thanks G...I sure hope they had a good time. And thanks for the compliment on my cards. Means a lot to me coming from you. You might not be hearing from me for a bit...there's something wrong with my CDAC account and it won't let me sign in...I have sent a message so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Trina said...

Charlene, you are a killer with that brayer! :)

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